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In today's fast moving world the ability to have your IT capabilities at your fingertips from any location or while on the move is no longer a luxury, but in most cases a necessity.
By working closely with you Intuitive Solution can both target and tailor the right solution for your mobile objectives. From best of breed Laptop / Notebook solutions giving you all the
functionality of your home or office system when ever and where ever you need it to state of the art PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants - ultra-mobile minicomputers) putting all the functionality of a multimedia internet enabled pc with the connectivity of both mobile phone and a GPS system in your trouser pocket, all backup up by our uncompromising level of service and support at unbeatable prices.
Because of our trade links with majority of key IT equipment manufacturers Intuitive Solution is able to provide you with the best of breed mobile solution you need at the competitive price you want, not forgetting that all mobile solutions provided by Intuitive Solution come with a minimum 12 month return to base, parts and labour manufacturers warranty as standard (Other warranty options available upon request).
What ever your I.T. objective, we have the Intuitive Solution for you