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Voice Over IP
Once your businesses IT infrastructure is connected to the Internet via a secure ADSL / Broadband link Intuitive Solution can work with you to utilise IP technology as a platform for voice and video communications, 'piping' all your telephone communications at much higher quality, securely and cost effectively via the Internet, reducing your telecommunications bills by up to 60% and rendering traditional costly telephone and communications systems obsolete.
The VOIP technology is designed to interface directly with all forms of traditional telephone systems and networks, meaning that although your telephone calls will be routed through the Internet (saving your business a significant portion of its telecommunication cost), the only change both your staff and customers will notice is an increase in call quality, and, of course, your accounts department should also see a dramatic drop in your phone bills.
As you can imagine VOIP technology has been embraced by most organisations that rely on outgoing telephone communications, not just call centres of all sizes, but businesses of all types and varieties. Through our strategic partnerships with key market leaders in the VOIP and telecoms sector, Intuitive Solution can work with you to smoothly implement, integrate and support the right VOIP solution for your business.
What ever your I.T. objective, we have the Intuitive Solution for you