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Remote Connectivity
and Virtual Private Networking
Increasingly businesses are finding that they need to connect multiple locations (be they branch offices, retail outlets or simply remote workers) to their main business network infrastructure.
By utilizing the Virtual Private Networking (VPN) technology, Intuitive Solution, working with you to fully understand your objectives, can quickly, securely and seamlessly extend your IT infrastructure to all of your business locations, not only bringing all areas of your business closer together but also allowing authorised personnel secure access to the key resources they need at any time and from anywhere.
Whether you want to integrate every part of your organisation into your main IT network, make specific resources accessible to limited departments, locations or users, or just join key areas of your IT infrastructure, Intuitive Solution working with you at every stage of the project, can implement and support the correct VPN solution to successfully move your business forward at a surprisingly cost effective level.
What ever your I.T. objective, we have the Intuitive Solution for you